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The Latest On Expansion

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As things unfold, Tech
has quickly decided to accept the ACC's invitation,
but Miami has not yet
made the switch, though this article says they
will do so shortly.

Worth remembering: Donna Shalala, as we reported
previously, is apparently highly offended by the Big East's tactics and
statements concerning her integrity. Syracuse
has bowed out
as has
Boston College.
The Big East's lawsuit
is way off kilter now,
since one of the plaintiffs is joining the ACC
and one of the defendants is staying. The judge is going to love this
one. The New York Times says that a
Wall Street mentality is now loose in college athletics,
but maybe they
missed the shoebox of money that Keith Lee got way back when, and more recently,
the huge amount of money which was tossed around to influence a Southeastern
conference recruit. The Washington Post has a fairly scathing article
about the whole business, with the interesting comments that UNC's faculty
"...are very concerned about the reputation of Virginia Tech's players and
Virginia Tech's team. We are not accustomed to that kind of
behavior," according to UNC faculty council executive committee chair
Sue Estroff.

Umm...Kitwana Jones? Aaron Leak and Ronnie Bryant? Cornelius Molloye? Daniel Davis?
Ed Cota? Terrence Newby? Melvin Scott? Phil Ford? That's just from memory.
Chapel Hill has certainly had a fair share of miscreants.

She goes on to say "Part of our concern all along has been the way that
sports and athletes fit into the university. There is very little tolerance on
our campus for misdeeds and misbehavior by athletes. I'm not saying we're any
better, but I do know what happens around here when somebody gets into

Perhaps she's referring to book reports, which was the sentence for one
violent episode.