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SI - Miami And Virginia Tech

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According to Sports Illustrated, the ACC has voted to invite both Miami and Virginia Tech. The Post has this as well. Viv Bernstein works her ACC connections for the New York Times and says it's a 7-2 vote. So the question is: why this goofy compromise? And then who will be #12? Early money: Penn State, or, if the stars align, Notre Dame.

It just doesn't make sense to do this without a second step in the
plan. On the other hand, looks like the NCAA is seriously considering
10-team leagues have championship games.
So if that is the case, maybe
11 teams was unnecessary.

In an amusing sidenote, Maryland fans are debating
how to "punish" Duke and UNC
, including one guy, now no doubt
furious, who saw Maryland as the midway point in the new ACC and the natural
future home of the tournament. Guess now that would be, oh, Clemson.