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Expansion News - 12 Schools Again, Tech May Be Out

Expansion is still in discussion, and the Durham paper is reporting that UNC
Chancellor Moeser is pushing for just Miami,
and that
a 13-team league is no longer under consideration.
And additionally, one
source says N.C. State has joined the other Triangle schools to reject Tech.

A casual reading of Barry Jacobs new book about the conference shows that
Tech has thought about leaving, that Maryland complaints date back decades, and
South Carolina had an amazingly hostile reaction to the conference. They
thought they could take Clemson with them when they left, too. And Virginia Tech
has a history of being rejected by the ACC that goes back decades. In their last
attempt, they had three sponsors, and another ACC figure said Carolina was
saying one thing publicly and doing another privately along with some other
schools which were not named.

Anyway, despite having a deserved reputation for doing things the right way,
the ACC has always had fights and squabbles, and things have always worked out.
Well, except for USC, but that worked out for the best in the long run
too. Anyway, here are the latest links.