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A Great Loss

Like most of you, we hear about the great fires that sweep the West and it just goes over our heads. Not the case with Summerhaven, though.

In the Southwest, mountains above a certain height are called Sky Islands, because they are high enough to be considered Alpine. Mt. Lemmon, outside of Tucson, is one of them, and Summerhaven is the town on Mt. Lemmon.

It's astonishing to drive up from the desert floor, past the Saguaro, and the scrub, then the Chapparel, until you are in Pine country with wonderful, thin mountain air. There's even a ski slope, which is surprising to find just outside of Tucson.

Then at the top, there is Summerhaven. It's almost mystical to find this place in the middle of the desert, and for a homesick North Carolinian, it's an absolute godsend. We hope it recovers quickly, and if you're ever out that way, we urge you to visit one of America's truly unique environments. It's a wonderful place. It's hurting right now, but still, it's gorgeous and worth the trip up.