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Jason Williams Update

We were so sick yesterday over what happened to Jason Williams that we could
barely think about it, much less write anything. The
latest news
is that he has "one operation to repair nerve damage in his pelvic area and could require several more surgeries, including a reconstructive procedure on his left
knee," and will at the least miss next season.

We're just too heartsick to say very much about this at all, other than to
wish Jason every good thing possible. Aside from his considerable athletic
accomplishments, we have been immensely fond of Williams as a person. He
has always been an earnest and sincere kid, and has just been a delight to be
around. Let's all pray for a full recovery. We'll be following this
closely as we're sure you will, and we just wish we could say or do something

We also started a thread on the bulletin board, and we hope everyone will
join in and send best wishes to the Williams family.