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Latest Expansion News

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After reading and listening to various people Tuesday, we realized we
completely misunderstood the Virginia Tech talk. It does a few things, and
does them brilliantly.

  • The pressure goes from UVa to Tech. Tech has to decide if it will toss the
    Big East over, abandon the lawsuit, and look ridiculous in public.
    Having said a few days ago they wouldn't accept an invitation, now they'll
    have the chance to decline it. Either way, UVa is free to vote for
    expansion. Oh, and there's no guarantee that Tech would win 7 votes,
    either, which would make returning to the Big East a really ugly affair.
  • It's a full-frontal offensive against the Big East. Nuisance
    lawsuit? Fine. We'll take a bigger bite.
  • For Duke and UNC, it puts them in a difficult position and diminishes the
    influence they have over the process. It could also cut income to all the
    schools considerably as the pie would be sliced into smaller slices.

On a different note, a few days ago, a Connecticut paper was all but
chortling over how the city slickers had taught the bumpkins a lesson about PR
and power politics. Now, though, that seems a bit premature, if not rash.
It's an old story in America. This is where snipe hunting comes from.

All in all, it certainly changes the picture, doesn't it? And yes, early
indications are that VPI will say "screw you" to the Big East.