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Friday The 13th Expansion News & Links

The expansion plot grows ever thicker, and politicians up and down the
Eastern seaboard are taking sides. New York governor George Pataki, as you
probably know, already has expressed concerns but has little sway over Syracuse,
since it's a private school. The attorneys general in Virginia and West
Virginia have
joined the Big East suit, although it seems no one in Tech-land finds it
hilarious that they only sued after being rejected. And in Florida, Gov.
Jeb Bush, it seems, favors the ACC and has offered his support to Miami President and former Clinton
aide Donna Shalala, should she want it. Politics indeed makes strange bedfellows! And while Gregg Doyel reported that FSU apparently threatened to bolt the conference at one point if expansion didn't happen,
former FSU President Sandy D'Alemberte said he has never said any such thing and
questioned Doyel's reporting. And the Charlotte Observer is investigating,
saying a misunderstanding may have happened. Of course, with the athletic department being called on the carpet after the recent gambling scandal,
that particular horse may not pull the FSU cart for a while anyway.

Meanwhile, the discussions drag on.