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Stinkin' Bobcats?

Ugh - the new owner of the Charlotte expansion team, Bob Johnson,
is naming the team after himself
- the Bobcats. If you're going to do
that, why not go the Cleveland route, cause a big ruckus, and use your last name
instead? At the least it would be weeks of hilarious publicity. Side note:
when the original Charlotte team signed Larry Johnson, a headline in an N.C.
paper read: "the $84 million dollar Johnson." Some copy editor
was no doubt ridiculed for weeks.

It occurs to us that a much cooler name would have been the Nighthawks, or
better yet, the Night Owls. It fits NBA culture pretty well. And
speaking of the Shinbrenner outfit, they have hired
Tim Floyd
to replace Paul Silas, who was doing quite well. A dumb
move? Time will tell.