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ACC Roundup

The Wake-State game ended in
a bit of controversy,
with Josh Howard hitting six free throws in the last 1.7 seconds
of the game: he was fouled, hit both, the inbounds was bobbled and he caught it, and then
State was hit with a technical, and he shot both of those as well. Not many guys can
get six points in less than two seconds.

Wake Forest 13-3 23-4
Maryland 11-4 19-7
Duke 11-4 21-5
NC State 9-7 16-11
Georgia Tech 7-9 14-13
North Carolina 5-10 15-14
Virginia 5-10 14-14
Clemson 5-11 15-12
Florida State 4-12 13-14

State fans are sure to be furious over the loss, and while it's unfortunate, State's
recent play, even with losses to Maryland and Wake, makes a solid argument for their
inclusion in the tournament. A win or two in Greensboro would surely help, but
nonetheless, State is playing at a high level and deserves to be in.

In the day's other game, Tech beat Clemson, evening their record at 13-13, while
Clemson finished at 15-11, good for the NIT, barring a very hot run in the ACC Tourney.
Tech honored Bobby Cremins, which they should certainly do, since he basically
created that program. He also broadcast the game and said some remarkably gracious
things. It's no wonder everyone loves him.

In the ACC's other game Sunday, Maryland takes on UVa. Subtext: UVa's
collapse vs. Maryland's anger over UVa's shocking victory earlier this season over the