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Referendum on Coach K - We've Made Our Point

Once again, after a loss, we received the usual torrent of mail criticising Coach K, and/or the players who wear the Duke uniform, and/or any number of others who work hard to be the best basketball team they can be. Two e-mails, and several postings (some rejected) once again raised comments like "You know who I blame? Coach K."

We three guys at DBR have been fans of Duke for a long time, we were fans before Coach K came to Duke, and we hope to live long enough to be fans after he gets his well-earned retirement. We know what it is like to have a losing team, and it is very true that we've recently been spoiled by our success. We refuse to critize Coach K, however, for this team's failure to be 27-0; and we really don't like reading attacks on the players or the coach.

We look at what Coach K has accomplished at Duke: 9 Final Fours. 3 NCAA Championships. 4 Consecutive ACC Championships. 30 win seasons so regular that we're upset when we fail to reach that extremely difficult goal. If Coach K has a flaw, it is that he's set his plateau for success so high, that no one can reach it on a consistent basis.

Right now, he's probably looking at tape of the last Virginia game, and of Virginia's win against Maryland today, to get ready for our rematch with the Cavaliers on Friday. That's because he loves his team, his players, and Duke University.

We were so peeved at the complaints, that we posted this "survey." At no time, do any of the three of us want anyone but Coach K leading our team, we know we have the best coach in the land, and if our team is young, we know we will be better and we will reach more Final Fours, and we will win more Championships. If not this year, perhaps next year, or the year after, and you know what? If Duke never wins another thing, we'll still be there, and still pulling hard for the Blue Devils.

We are pleased to see the support we've seen for our team in our mailbox. Perhaps they're nested in complaints, but many people who never took the time to write before have written us to show their support for Coach K and the team. To you who wrote us: Thank you, and please, don't stop! Please continue to show your support! Perhaps this year more than recent years, with a team that is so young, the support you show will see fruit.

Here's what we posted as the referendum, and we're pleased to see the results, including the no votes, which we know are UNC and Maryland votes.

After each loss this season, we receive a lot of e-mail, ignorant of our 21-6 record. This is our sarcastic response. We're fortunate you guys forming this cabal of negativity weren't around back in 1983.

Based on a lot of comments on our boards, many of you are dissatisfied with Coach Krzyzewski. Based on our inbox, it looks like it is about 50-50 whether Coach K still has the support of the Duke fans, and the student body, so perhaps it is time to find a new coach. We've set up a poll where you can vote on whether Joe Alleva should fire Coach K and start up a search committee for a new coach.