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More On Lazy Crazies!

Coach K's critique of the Crazies continues to resonate, with tons of great mail here,
and plenty of articles too, like
this one.
You Crazies - here's something we should have said and didn't: for those
who came before you, it's not so much that they are saying "in our day," and
suggesting that the kids today can't keep up. What hasn't been said, and we'll just
take the liberty of saying it, is that it's not that they don't think you are as good as
they were, but that they want you to be better than they were.

The tradition is important to those who have passed through. So when the former
Crazies see Speedo Guy, they talk about him for weeks, and when you guys have a great
game, they talk about it at work and take immense pride in your participation. Trust
us on this - no one wants to say they were better than you are. The glory is in
saying: look, see that? I helped build that, and it's better than it ever was.
the prize.

We got some great letters on this, and we'll be passing them on probably in a few days.
We hope everyone who cares about basketball will take the criticisms of recent days
as positive criticism, and that when the season rolls back around again, you'll be in
there early and in full force.