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Next Up - FSU

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Amazingly, Senior Day is here already, and for Duke, that means farewell to Casey Sanders,
Dahntay Jones, and Andre Buckner. All three guys have had, we think, wonderful college
careers. Casey had a key role on a national championship team, Dahntay has grown
tremendously as a player at Duke, and while Andre Buckner has been primarily a practice
player, his alternative to Duke's last-second offer was to walk on at Tennessee. Now
he leaves with a ring, a great education, and tremendous memories. Not a bad career
for an almost walk-on.

Duke has twin issues tonight, the first being the recent unpleasantness in New York,
where St. John's mugged them at the end of the game, and the FSU loss, which was also
unfortunate. Our guess is that Duke shows up tremendously focused and that they will
play very hard indeed. With a share of first place still a possibility, if Wake
loses to State Saturday and Duke beats FSU and then UNC, let's hope so.

Certainly Coach K seems to be focusing on the positives out of the St. John's game,
saying that "you start thinking you’re a little bit
better than what you are, and as a result you don’t pay attention to detail.
They didn’t treat that game with the respect that they needed to, and to me
that’s a good lesson to learn because if you do that in the ACC or NCAA tournament,
you’re gone.So we’re fortunate that we can learn that lesson and still have
games to play."