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ACC Roundup

Former FSU quarterback and basketball player, and one-time UNC target Adrian McPherson has been charged with betting on FSU games. Apparently he always bet on
his own team; nonetheless, that's a big no-no.

Wake Forest 11-3 21-4
Maryland 11-4 19-7
Duke 10-4 20-5
NC State 8-6 15-10
Clemson 5-9 15-10
North Carolina 5-9 15-13
Virginia 5-9 14-13
Georgia Tech 5-9 12-13
Florida State 4-11 13-13

For a bit of Gut revisionism, Bill Guthridge either took a pass or missed on McPherson,
Omar Cook, and Eddy Griffin. Given their careers since then, perhaps UNC fans could
forgive Guthridge for his failings, since some of them saved UNC from absolute disaster.

In a bit of good news for the UNC family, Curtis Hunter finally won a
game at NC A&T.
The team's record for this year is now 1-24, which is light years
better than 0-25. Okay, maybe not light years, but still, 0-24?

In tonight's games, Tech visits UVa, which means that a terrible road team takes on
Team Attitude, Wake Forest takes on UNC, which means that UNC without Sean May may play
Wake Forest without Josh Howard, and State goes to Clemson without - possibly - Cliff
Crawford and Levi Watkins, both of whom are battling injuries.