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Assorted Duke Links

First up is this week's teleconference with Coach G. She notes that Caitlin Howe
will have surgery next week to repair her torn ACL. Coach G also
mentioned that the mindset for the tournament becomes very different, with
the understanding that all past records are now completely meaningless.
She's getting back to basics this week with a "boot camp" for her team,
emphasizing the small details of the game.

How on earth is Lindsey Harding playing so well with stress reactions in
three different bones? It's because of Duke's amazing
Sports Med department and the specialty orthotics of Harvey Johnson. Not
only is Lindsey playing without pain, but the bones have been healing
while she's been playing! Duke has rebuilt her, they have the technology.

Duke was the first women's team to post back-to-back perfect regular
seasons in basketball. The NC State men did it back in 1973-1974.