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ACC Roundup

Obviously the Maryland loss was a very tough one for State. But consider: they
took a Top 15 team to the wire with six players, and of those six, lost one to injury and
their two biggest players were limited to 26 and 24 minutes by foul trouble. Half
empty/half full scenario. If we're State fans, moral victories are yadda yadda yadda
material, but get real: that was an amazingly gutty performance. Moreover, State now
competes, on a regular basis, with the best teams in the conference. We were very
impressed. Does State deserve a bid? Damn right they do.

Wake Forest 11-3 21-4
Maryland 11-4 19-7
Duke 10-4 20-5
NC State 8-6 15-10
Clemson 5-9 15-10
North Carolina 5-9 15-13
Virginia 5-9 14-13
Georgia Tech 5-9 12-13
Florida State 4-11 13-13