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Latest Doh News!

According to Gregg Doyel, UNC's players are split
into factions
about whether or not to retain Matt Doherty, and the dividing line is
essentially playing time.

Raymond Felton, Jawad Williams, David Noel and Sean May back the coach;
Jackie Manuel, Jonathan Holmes; Melvin Scott and walkon Philip McLamb are opposed.
Rashad McCants is publicly noncommital.

Doyel says that the playing time schism may be coincidental, and consider - Holmes and
McLamb have really no major expectations of playing, and for Manuel and Scott, the team is
so thin that starting is a pretty minor distinction: everyone who can play is needed.

Bill Cole says that the
players met a second time with Baddour,
and that one source says the problems can be
ironed out.

Anyway, one more chapter in As The Doh Turns.

Oh, and one more point: Andy Katz says this is all terribly unfair, and perhaps he's right. However, as UNC types, including Doherty himself, have said terribly unfair things about Mike Krzyzewski since 1995, including Doh's crack about how if his season went bad, maybe he'd develop a bad back - well, Katz is right on one level. But when you take such absolute glee in spreading false and destructive rumors about the other guy, it should come as absolutely no shock when that dog turns right back around and bites you on your own ass. As Duke fans, we've listened to a lot of vicious nonsense over the last few years, and to see it turned back around - it's not that we endorse it, but we do take a certain pleasure in the irony of watching it boomerang.

Case in point, as mentioned above:

Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 17:33:57 -0500

Subject: Mail to Admins

Hey, hey, Coach K; who you gonna blame today? Or was your back bothering you again?