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FITS Joins the Vultures Circling the Dome

FITS, your nostalgic nabob of noxious news managed to flutter on over to
Chapel Hill to catch Manic Matt's last act Wednesday night, and he can
report that affairs in pale blue Payton Place are as schizoid as ever.

Though humorous events were too numerous to mention, FITS especially
enjoyed watching D'ohboy's impression of a helicopter as Georgetown Hoyas
repeatedly stole the ball from his careless minions. After the tacky
blues fought back from a large deficit, Rashad McCants performed an
arm-flexing victory dance which not only proved to be tragically premature,
but also clearly nauseating to teammates Byron Saunders and Jackie Manual.
McCants topped off his performance by bricking a free throw and then
failing to play defense on G'town's ensuing possession, a schizo
performance worthy of his mentor's admiration.

Meanwhile, while the Tarfeet played out their season, UNC administrators
and former coaches found themselves in a multi-faceted catfight with
current players, the players' parents, and apoplectic alums who are vowing
to pack up their Polident and go home if a coaching change isn't made

And while FITS isn't one to promulgate rumors, he has heard that Scott
May has been inquiring about U-Haul rentals in the area. Too bad. FITS
fervently hopes that the entire, happy Tarheel family is around next season
to watch the raising of the "Eighth Place NIT" banner in the Dead Dome.