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UNC - Season Over, But Questions Just Beginning

UNC's modest post-season efforts came to an end when Georgetown registered a
victory in the Dean Dome Wednesday,
denying UNC a 20-win season for the second year in
a row, and, inevitably, plunging the program into a fair amount of off-season turmoil.
Certainly the players aren't universally heading off the question marks:

  • "If that’s what we have to do, and we come to an
    agreement, sure. I just want what’s best for the program. I just want a fair
    chance." Melvin Scott, on playing for Doherty next year.
  • "I think him and Coach D have to sit down and have a talk.
    He’s got a lot of things on his mind. He needs to take that up with Coach
    Doherty. He has a lot of questions he wants to be answered...You’ll have to ask him
    about {the questions]." Sean May on his father's concerns.

According to an article in the Poop Sheet, aka The ACC Area Sports Journal, though,
Scott May has expressed his concerns to a number of people on a regular basis. And
the article follows up on a previous column which suggested that players and parents are
very unhappy with the status quo. On record already, with the Wilmington Star, Jawad
Williams' mom: "(Doherty) drove those kids insane last year. He drove them

You'll have to purchase a copy or pay to access their Web site, but the key quote is
probably this: folks will be in "an absolute state of shock - from both the severity
of the remarks and the sources of them - if the many unpublished anti-Doherty comments
offered by Carolina players, parents, ex-players and ex-coaches reach the public

While the article says that Doherty has significant support, it also says that he also
has a lot of people who would like to see him removed.