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Oregon Ducks for Duke!

We received a very nice letter today from Emily Mann, the owner of Escential Oils & Lotions, which is the Portland, Oregon company that sells the Blue Devil Duck that you see on our Front Page. We stumbled across them when a reader in Turkey found the duck on their site. We're thrilled that we've apparently made such a big impact on a small family business. If you haven't yet, order your ducks today! You also might want to order some of their other items as gifts. (Just so you know, we receive no nor request any compensation.) Here's Emily's letter:

Dear Duke Basketball Fans-

We here at Escential Lotions & Oils wanted to thank you properly for featuring our "Blue Devil" Duck on your web-site. It has been tremendously fun receiving so many e-mails from so far away. We are a small family business and the exposure you have provided means a lot to us. Also, it really feels good to talk to people all the way across the country during this particular time in history. We admire your fans' dedication and sense of humor! We are rooting for Duke out here in Portland! If you are ever in town, please drop in and say Hi.


Emily Mann
Escential Lotions & Oils.