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Tark On Duke-Kansas

DBR pal John caught Tark on the radio and here are his thoughts on several things, including Duke-Kansas. This is interesting to us, because before the Duke-Vegas
rematch in 1991, we caught Joey Meyer on the radio, and he made some fairly similar remarks about Duke's chances in that game. Deja Vu? Ok by us!

I was coming back from lunch, and heard Tark on a local radio show, and he had a couple of
interesting things to say.

1) He's picking us in a mild upset over Kansas. He thinks Kansas will have more problems
with the match-ups than we will. The host tried to point out what a problem we'll have with
Collison, and Tark agreed, but also pointed out that Collison, while quick for a guy his size,
will have trouble keeping up with Dantay, or another wing player.

2) If Kansas wins though, he picks them to get to the FF. He thought AZ had only had 3 really good
games all year, and while they are more than talented enough to really kick it up a notch, he thought Kansas would prevail this time.

3) He talked with Mike Brey, and Brey gave him tickets to the games tomorrow and Saturday,
so Tark is a guest of ND.

4) He also thought Pitt might take out Kentucky. Said Kentucky hadn't played in a close game in
forever, and thought Pitt had the talent to take it to them.