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The Other Handshake Story, Updated

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After we posted this, got a lot of e-mail, and as a result, they corrected the story, removing the suggestion that Doherty refused to shake hands with Collins.

After all the fuss about Johnny Dawkins refusing to shake hands
with Matt Doherty before the UNC game in Greensboro, it's a bit surprising to come across
this tidbit in a
Sportsline column:
Just look at the high school antics pulled by Carolina
and Duke this season. Carolina coach Matt Doherty (a former Kansas assistant) exchanged
words with Duke's Dahntay Jones in the first meeting at Cameron Indoor. In the
regular-season finale at Carolina, Doherty refused to shake hands with Duke assistant
Chris Collins before the game."

It's easy to speculate about what irritated Johnny Dawkins (and here's another possible explanation).
But if this is true, who blew sunshine up Matt Doherty's dress? And for
everyone who wrote us to criticize Dawkins, assuming this count is correct, we eagerly
look forward to your latest missives on sportsmanship.

It is funny, though, as the writer points out, how deep the
Duke-UNC rivalry goes.