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Round Two Predictions!

Ok, time for round two predictions! We did reasonably well in the first round,
going 7-1 in the Midwest, 5-3 in the West, 6-1 and a tossup in the South, and 6-2 in the
East, for a total of 24-7. The West killed us and State didn't help any either.

  • Kentucky-Utah. Hard to pick against Kentucky, but we are fond of Majerus. Still, UK should win.
  • Wisconsin-Tulsa. We missed Tulsa last time, but we don't think they'll take Wisconsin.
  • Mizzou-Marquette. We'll go with Quin.
  • IU-Pitt. Pitt.
  • Arizona-Gonzaga. Arizona in a photo finish, but don't be shocked to see them lose.
  • Notre Dame-Illinois. We'll stay with Brey.
  • Central Michigan-Duke. Duke.
  • Arizona State-Kansas. Is KU ready to fall? We'll take that chance.
  • Texas-Purdue. Texas.
  • UConn-Stanford....hmmm..toughie...UConn by a whisker.
  • Xavier-Maryland. Maryland hasn't played really well in a while, despite Drew Nicholas's heroics Friday. Xavier.
  • MSU-Florida. Wow. Very tough call. We'll go with superior coaching: MSU.
  • Oklahoma-Cal. This could be an upset, keep an eye on it. Still, we'll take OU.
  • Butler-Louisville. Louisville.
  • OSU-Syracuse. Go with coaching: OSU.
  • Auburn-Wake Forest. We'll take the Deacs over a Clif Ellis-coached team any day.