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Mondo Saturday Links

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Here are Saturday's tournament links, which should keep you guys busy for a bit!
A few notes - the ACC isn't very impressive so far, and Maryland and Wake both got
lucky to win. We didn't see the Wake game, but there's no question that Wilmington
deserved to win. Maybe it was the reference to North Carolina or something, but they
had Maryland pinned before letting them go.

In another note, how much does CBS suck? Check this out - they left the
Wilmington-Maryland game with about a minute and a half left to go to the IU-Bama game's
last 10 seconds or so - where a timeout was immediately called. Rather than returning to
the real game, they made you sit through the commercial, the final 10 seconds, the
post-game handshakes, back to the anchorman Greg Gumbel, and then, finally, back to the
game. Unless you lived outside the ACC region. Then you got press conferences.
When the defending national champs were on the ropes!

C'mon, CBS - the C doesn't stand for Crappy. If you can't get it right, give it to
ESPN. At least they know what we are tuning in for, and it sure as hell isn't Greg Gumbel
and car commercials. Get with the program! It's called the NCAA Tournament!
That's all we want!

Okay, we want the war news, too, but could you please ask Dan Rather to stop saying
"AE - Anchor's Error? That's just goofy.

Speaking of Maryland, the Terps won, but they aren't doing well. Their last four games:

  • NC State, W 68-65
  • Virginia, L 80-78
  • UNC L 84-72
  • UNCW - W 85-73