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Thursday's Linkorama

As the tourney kicks off today (the play-in game doesn't count),
it is of course massively overshadowed by war. War is big on the Bad Things In Life
list, but contrary to what the French think, it's not always a bad thing. It
was a good thing in 1944, when France was liberated, it was a good thing in 1865, when
slavery was ended in this country, and thank God the Vietnamese invaded Cambodia and drove
Pol Pot out of power. It is, at times, the lesser evil. Even Gandhi, who
originally suggested mass suicides for German Jews who felt oppressed, realized later that
all he had suggested would have suited the Germans perfectly well.

Nonetheless, regardless of where you stand on this, and we
believe honorable people can have different opinions, here's hoping we can all agree on a
few things: first, that it is over as quickly as possible. Secondly, that as few
Americans die as is possible. Third, that as few Iraqis die as possible.
Fourth, that Saddam is driven from power and preferably killed. This has
nothing to do with the current arguments, but it's perfectly clear that he's a disgusting
human being, a man capable of the most savage behavior, whether it's gang rape in front of
a woman's family, or torture, or whatever vicious idea he can come up with.
Some intelligence experts think that he might blow up dams or poison the
nation's water supply if it's clear he's a goner. Let's face it: this guy is Jim
Jones with a country and an army.

Unlike his predecessors Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot, he
doesn't always delegate responsibility for such things to others, but has actually killed
with his own hand. The world will be a better place when he is no longer in it.

That's not a stance on the war. The three of us couldn't
make a common stance on that. It's just a sentiment about a really bad character who
has caused enormous pain and suffering for hundreds of thousands of people.