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NCAA Tournament Not, Repeat Not, Postponed

We've been tracking very closely the reports that the NCAA was considering postponing the NCAA Tournament when the war with Iraq begins. Fortunately, at a 6PM EST Press Conference today, the NCAA announced that the games will be played as scheduled. We'll get more links up as we find them.

As hard as it is to believe, Myles Brand is looking into postponing the NCAA Tournament if the US attacks Iraq, as threatened by the President. The latest news is that "If something happens and there is a war, then all bets are off. There will most likely be a delay." The word from Indianapolis is that games in progress may even be interrupted and delayed! Obviously, no consideration is being given for those fans who have already bought tickets or made travel plans to go to remote sites, but when have the fans ever mattered to the NCAA?

This fear-mongering stands in direct contrast to the approach taken by President Franklin Roosevelt towards baseball in World War II, as outlined in his Green Light Letter.

A followup:

One of our readers called the public relations office at the NCAA, and the person answering the telephone claimed not to have heard anything about a postponement.