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Tuesday Linkorama

A few quick notes to go with today's links. First, a lot of
job openings, starting at Clemson. Curtis Hunter was fired at NC A&T. We
thought at one point that he was going to move up rapidly, but no such luck for Curtis.
Steve Lavin is also gone.

On a second note, after hearing Lute Olson and some Florida
players ridicule their conference tournaments, it just makes us that much more grateful
for the ACC. Can you imagine anyone not wanting to win our tournament?

Finally, what is up with the Washington Post? First they let
Sally Jenkins more or less endorse hooliganism, and now they run a really bad column by
Thonas Bowell go up. Honestly. We're homers, and we admit it. But
Boswell isn't supposed to be a homer. Yet every season he writes the most atrocious,
biased columns about Maryland basketball. This year, it's more of the

We might post more links later, but right now, we're beat.