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Shyatt Resigns

Larry Shyatt, Clemson coach for the last five years, has resigned under pressure. Mentioned as possible candidates at Clemson: Dennis Felton of Western Kentucky, Dayton's Oliver Purnell, Lon Kruger, Tim Floyd, and possibly Jeff Lebo. Don't count on Lebo. UNC guys don't typically like to coach against UNC, and Clemson is pretty much the antithesis of UNC as far as the ACC goes anyway.

Kruger and Floyd are guys who have dealt with fairly remote programs (Kansas State and Idaho - or was it Idaho State?), geographically speaking, and done well, though both flamed out in the NBA. Felton has done a spectacular job at WKU, which of course is in the shadow of Lexington and Louisville, so being on the ACC's lower rung might not bother him conceptually.

Oliver Purnell, once a Maryland assistant, has done a tremendous job at Dayton, but is Clemson ready for an African-American coach? Many visiting African-American players don't feel comfortable in Clemson.

Other guys we'd look at: Buzz Peterson (see UNC comments above), John Pelphrey, and as long as academics aren't that big a deal at Clemson (Shyatt was forced out despite solid academics by Clemson's players), why not go after Nolan Richardson? It's not like he's doing much.

A word for Shyatt: the record wasn't great, and neither was the talent. But the guy loved Clemson, and paid his own buyout to get there. The odds of them finding someone else who really wants the job as much as Shyatt did are pretty slim. Most coaches will view it as a stepping-stone, and chances are Clemson will be shopping again within the decade. Shyatt did do a solid job with academics and integrity, and he was a fiery guy who stood up for what he thought was right. Best of luck to him in the future.

Shyatt made these comments, and maybe it's just us, but they don't quite make sense. What is he saying about Clemson here? And is school history a major now at Clemson? Just kidding, but you can parse for yourselves:

"Love the program and fought back hard but it wasn't enough wins yet. We changed the culture and socially and academically that was unacceptable and I'm proud of the group. All five seniors will graduate in school history. We have no regrets but leaving behind some awfully young men.''