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We recognize that many people are upset about the seeding and pairings for Duke in this
year's tournament. We are perplexed at how a team that has lost three straight games
managed to still get a two-seed, and even more perplexed at how Kansas, who won the Big
Twelve regular season and advanced farther in the Big Twelve Tournament was given a two
seed, and Texas given a one seed. It would make sense if those seeds were reversed.

Of course, as Duke, we will take on all comers, and even if they opted to seed us so
our path to the Final Four had the top four teams in the country, we'd still have
confidence in our Devils.

What really makes us wonder, though, is the Brigham Young debacle. For those of you who
missed it, apparently none of the ten people on the committee caught the error that could
have lead BYU to being scheduled to play on Sunday, in violation of their religous
beliefs. According to Jim Livengood, the Athletic Director at Arizona, and Chairman of the
Men's Basketball Committee, after they podded Kentucky to Nashville, they
"forgot" that they put Kentucky in the Midwest and not the south, so they placed
Weber State as the twelve seed in the Midwest, and BYU as the twelve seed in the South.

This is stunningly incompetent, not least of all because Livengood graduated from BYU!

Miles Brand, as the new head of the NCAA, should step in and demand the resignations of
all ten members of the committee, and replace them with people who understand what they
are doing. Here are the guys who are responsible for this mess:

Fool Affiliation Term Expiration
Karl Benson Commissioner of the WAC 2006
Bob Bowlsby Athletic Director, University of Iowa 2005
Craig Littlepage Athletic Director, University of Virginia 2007
Jim Livengood Athletic Director, University of Arizona 2004
Judy Rose Athletic Director, UNC Charlotte 2004
Kevin Weiberg Commissioner of the Big Twelve 2005
Floyd Kerr Athletic Director, Southern University 2006
Jack Kvancz Athletic Director, George Washington University 2003
Les Robinson Athletic Director, The Citadel 2004
Gary Walters Athletic Director, Princeton University 2007

The replacements should be more competent than this lot.