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A Fun Pool

Matthew Merzbacher (son of former Duke Physics Professor Eugene Merzbacher) has run an NCAA Tournament pool each year for the last decade. We've recently started hosting his pool on Here is the intro message:

It's here again!

The Sixteenth Annual NCAA point total basketball pool

ATTENTION: New web site this year! Otherwise, same old same old.

Tell your friends - the more the merrier.

This announces a contest which I run every year, based on the
upcoming NCAA basketball tournament. It's very easy, taking
about five minutes, four of which are spent reading the rules.
All you have to do is pick eight teams you think will score
the most POINTS (plus bonus factor) in the NCAA tournament this

Just use the URL at the top of this message.

As usual, there is a 10-point bonus per seed level (i.e., 10 points
for picking a #1 seed, 20 for a #2 seed and so on). This rewards
taking those low-seeded teams, if they win... There are additional
kudos (but no points) for unifying concepts. Enter as many "concept"
entries as you like.

Like last year, there is a Tuesday 64 vs. 65 game.
You get both of these teams together for one, though you only
get the points for the winner. Those points will carry over
into the field of 64. That's 70 extra points or so...

Can you win this year?