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Beavercreek, Bales Win Ohio State Title!

Future Duke center Alison Bales and her Beavercreek Battlin' Beavers won
their second Ohio Division I State Title in three years. Bales was on
the tournament team for this 58-21 victory, scoring 10 points, nabbing 13
rebounds and blocking 7 shots. Here's a photo of Alison Bales from the game. Alison
displayed her acting prowess before the game! Here's a link to the boxscore.

To get to the final, Beavercreek had to beat Brittany Hunter and
Brookhaven on Friday night, in a game that was truly an epic. In an
intense overtime struggle, Brittany outplayed Alison in the first
half, outscoring her 12-3. Brookhaven broke out to a 15-1 lead but
rallied to trail 25-22 at the half. Beavercreek then got Bales the ball,
and she scored 6 points to start the third quarter. For the game, Bales
had 20 points and 11 rebounds, while Hunter had 27 and 9 in 68-62 contest.
Here's a link to the

On an Ohio prep message board, there were some interesting comments
about the two: "Duke is getting two great ones, and their battle proved
why they're the top of the class. Hunter has that short range jumper that
is unstoppable. Bales can grab a rebound over anyone."....."Brittany
Hunter came out fired up, and made a series of 10-foot jumpers over
Alison Bales. I don't recall seeing any ever do that before. Hunter had
it going and the Bearcats got her the ball."....."Brookhaven kept a small
lead for much of the second half. But the Beavers kept it close. In the
fourth, Haven went up by 5 on a basket by Hunter. It looked bleak for
Beavercreek. But Bales drove to the hoop and was fouled by Hunter. She
competed the three-point play and it was Hunter's fourth foul. It was a
pivotal moment in the game."....."The Bales vs Hunter battle was about
even. Bales scored 20 points. Hunter led all scorers with 27. Bales had
more rebounds, more blocks and shot a higher percentage. Hunter had more
points. Bales played the entire 36 minutes!"

We are greatly looking forward to seeing both in Blue Devil uniforms
next year. Congratulations to Brittany & Alison for tremendous seasons.