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Saturday's Linkorama

So far, we've done pretty well in the prediction game: we had picked FSU until we
realized what a short turnaround they had, and switched to Wake. We picked State,
Duke, and had UNC-Maryland as a toss-up. Tomorrow, we'll take Wake and Duke.

Now on to the fun stuff, namely, Maryland whining. The other day, we linked these fabulous quotes
and told you that the Terps had already rationalized losing in a tournament they
hadn't even played in yet.

This is one of the big differences between Maryland and everyone else. Can you
imagine Dean Smith or Mike Krzyzewski making excuses like that? Or for that matter, Paul
Hewitt or Leonard Hamilton?

Anyway, take a stop by ACCboards
and see the latest whines. And Drew Nicholas told this to the Winston-Salem Journal:

"If guys want to go on spring break, I know I don't. If guys want to jet out
of practice early so they can do something else, this is the best time of year. This is
what we worked X-amount of hours for the whole year and then we play like this.

"I've already addressed it. I addressed it as soon as we got in here, because I
would feel like I was selling myself short if I didn't say anything. Every opportunity I
get I'm going to address it again, because this is my last time around. People don't
understand how quick it goes

"This is what you live to play for. And because of how we played (last night) we
can't come back and play in another environment like that (today). And that's what's so
upsetting. And this is the last time with me being a senior.

"It's frustrating because maybe some of the guys don't understand. This is as good
as it gets and we're sitting here blowing every last one of our options this way. And we
don't have many more. If we do it again, we're done. My college career is over. Good luck
to the rest of the guys.'

We were immensely impressed by UNC's game yesterday, as we mentioned, and we hope UNC
fans are thrilled, because it was a sensational performance. We got so caught up in
it that, well, we wouldn't say we were rooting for UNC, but we would say that it occurred
to us that it would be a shame to put in such a great effort and lose: the respect for
warriors, perhaps.

State also showed us something, and their grit against Tech was notable and probably
put them into the tourney, if they weren't already in.

Anyway, it's looking like one of the better tourneys in years, and it's wide open.
Anyone could win tomorrow, and then the title is just a game away. Enjoy it!