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Today's Linkorama

We had some problems yesterday with the links, which appear to be software- related. We are trying to check them more carefully, but in the short-term it could continue to be a problem.

The big news Thursday was the departure of Clemson from the ACC Tourney at the hands of FSU. Though the Tigers are assured of a bid to the NIT, Larry Shyatt may or may not be retained, and this loss won't help.

In today's games, we're picking/guessing the following: FSU in a huge upset over Wake; State over Tech; Maryland-UNC in a tossup, and Duke over UVa. Who knows though - in this tournament, we probably called every game wrong. It's the nature of the beast. Ok, we didn't realize that FSU had a noon turnaround, so let's reverse that pick and take Wake instead.

Duke Links

ACC Links

National Links

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  • Cards work overtime in limbo
  • Show will go on without Georgia
  • IU must win to make Big Dance
  • Coaches tab Bogans as SEC's best
  • WKU stopped worrying, then started winning
  • It's a whole new ballgame in C-USA
  • Western wins title but not way it expected