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ACC Roundup

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The ACC Tournament is just about set to get started, and surprise, Maryland is bracing
themselves for playing in North Carolina like, oh, like they're going to get pelted with
bottles and hot coins or something. Excuses are forthcoming, in other words, despite
the fact that Maryland may well be the favorite for the title. Check it out:

  • "One of our main goals this year was to win an ACC championship. But if you
    look at the bigger scheme of things, maybe it's not that important. We're also playing for
    a seed in the national tournament." Drew Nicholas
  • "It's something you'd like to win, but I don't slit my wrists if we don't."
    Maryland coach Gary Williams said.
  • "There will be a lot of Carolina fans down there. It's really going to be tough.
    We have to understand that's where a majority of the teams are from, and deal with
    it. We just have to be ready to play." Nicholas

Here are some other ACC links for you. From now through the rest of the season,
we'll be doing what we always do at tourney time, which is an intense amount of linking
broken into three main groups: Duke links, ACC links, and soon, national links.