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The Duke women have won their fourth consecutive ACC Championship with a 77-59 win over North Carolina.

Sylvia Hatchell, meanwhile, much like Ademola Okulaja before her, cannot admit that
Duke is a better team. Earlier this season, she said Duke was "lucky" to
win. This time, she says that "[i]t is pretty simple.
If we had boxed out and made layups we still would have won despite the difference
in free throws. We missed six or seven layups in the second half."

Well, to quote Sylvia Hatchell's old bud Fred Goldsmith, if wishes
and buts were Christmas nuts...Duke's women have beaten UNC nine straight times, and the
last two were laughers. It's not luck, and Coach Hatchell would do well to
look at the last three men's basketball coaches to glean some idea of what losing
gracefully is about.