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ACC Roundup

If you think about it, has there ever been a more exciting three games in two days in
the ACC than State-Wake, Duke-UNC, and Maryland-Virginia? Wow! People can say
whatever they want to about the ACC, but who else has this kind of craziness? What
an amazing stretch of basketball. It makes your mouth water for the ACC Tournament,
which could be a real classic this year. Here are some links to help you put a dent
in American productivity!

Wake Forest 13-3 23-4
Maryland 11-5 19-8
Duke 11-5 21-6
NC State 9-7 16-11
Georgia Tech 7-9 14-13
Virginia 6-10 15-14
North Carolina 6-10 16-14
Clemson 5-11 15-12
Florida State 4-12 13-14