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ACC Roundup

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Whether you like Carolina or hate the Heels, you've almost certainly listened to Woody
Durham. And once you get past his tendency to make everything in baby blue sound
unprecedented (Jon Holmes dribbled that ball upcourt as well as anyone I've ever seen
here, Mick! Ten second left in the game, UNC up by 30..."), there's really no doubt
that the guys is great at what he does. Only Dean Smith is more firmly identified
with UNC. Here's a great read on the remarkable broadcaster nearing the end of his career.
He says he wants to help Matt Doherty and John Bunting get established.

Doherty, meanwhile, is not a happy camper, and he didn't particularly enjoy
his last teleconference.
But come on, Matt, it comes with the job. People
are going to question you until you prove yourself. And they don't really care if
you have Sean May or not.

In the Winter Wonderland of Winston-Salem, a phrase you probably never thought you'd
hear, Skip Prosser has one senior, two sophs, and two freshmen starting, and one of those
got his face broken. You don't hear Prosser complaining.

Fair question: what would Skip Prosser do with Felton, McCants, Williams, Manuel, and

In this article, the ACC bids are discussed, and so is Maryland's John Gilchrist. Steve
Blake makes him sound more fun than Johnny Rockets.
While the previous article
sort of disses State, Andy Katz says they have a reasonable shot if they finish fourth in
the conference and win a tourney game. As of right now, they'd be playing Clemson,
and that's a winnable game. Beating Maryland and/or Wake Forest would be a big help