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Some Women's Notes

The official Duke site continues to roll out their previews, with the juniors and the sophomores up.

One of the happier events this week was a little drop in by Michele Matyasovsky, currently doing a fellowship with the
LPGA. Matty talks a little trash about Duke's future opponents and hopes
to see Brittany Hunter dunk against Tennessee in Cameron.

Finally, a few links related to Duke's most recent foe, the Premier
Players. Amazingly, the Chronicle had a front-page feature on the
exhibition game. It looks like the current editorial staff is really
taking the women's team seriously from the very beginning of the year.
The ACC preview issue will be out this Thursday and I imagine they will
have links up for that in a few days. Jim Furlong, one of the best
women's hoops writers out there, had his own report in the Herald-Sun. He also adds a sad note: Alana Beard's
grandmother passed away, and she will join her family in Louisiana for a
few days. Lastly, by way of comparison, Florida State struggled a bit with the Premier Players while UNC had no problem with them. Both of the Heels' frosh played
quite well.