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Next Up - EA All Stars

Next up for the Devils is
a date with the EA All-Stars
, who just played at Wake on Monday night. They'll be in Cameron on Wednesday.

For the most part, the guys on the team are not well-known, at least on the Southeast team which Duke will face. The most prominent name is Broderick Hicks, who played at Wake. We sort of remember Johnny Parker, who was at Missouri. That's about it for us, and we're pretty much junkies.

On the East Squad, though, are two very familiar names: Ricky Price and Mike Chappell. On the Midwest is Lucans Johnson, the bald white guy who played for Illinois the last decade or two, Robert O' Kelly, who played at Wake Forest, and Randy Livingston, who was the Shaun Livingston of his era.

Like Shaun, Randy had enormous potential coming out of high school but had terrible injury problems, and his career was basically done, though he did make it, briefly, to the NBA. Just goes to show, best-laid plans and all that. It sort of underscores what Duke offers, because Shaun was not the first Livingston Duke went after.

Ed O' Bannon is on the West team, as is former Clemson Tiger Mohammed (will he or) Woni.

Wake blew past the EA All Stars on Monday night, 100-80. Wake outrebounded EA 50-80. Freshman Chris Paul came off the bench for 6 poionts and 8 assists.