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ACC Roundup

Maryland played George Mason in a game
which was supposed to be a blowout
but was anything but. Mason
gave Maryland as much as they could handle
and then some. To make matters
more interesting, John Gilchrist, for unclear reasons, did not start. He's
expected to be tossed the keys by Gary Williams, so that's an interesting
development. We caught a bit of this game, and if Maryland hadn't played
aggressive defense, they would have lost going away.

Incidentally, before we forget: if you use Time-Warner cable, we highly
recommend the DVR box. You can tape whatever games you'd like and then
flip back and forth between them. So we currently have Davidson-UNC,
Maryland-Mason, and later, FSU-Maine. No flipping tapes in and out of the

Speaking of Maryland, Jim Calhoun noticed Gary Williams' recent comments
about his recruitment of Rudy Gay, and
he was not amused.
Neither was Gay's AAU coach, who, among other
things, coached Juan Dixon.

State played Howard
last night and won 71-51, a
s Ilian Evtimov's recovery continues. Just as
interesting to us: Mike O' Donnell committed his first turnover of the
year. The lightly regarded freshman is playing a lot like Steve Kerr, at
least as far as taking care of the ball goes. Here's
and here's
a link from the Fayetteville paper.

This is a link about UNC's Davidson game, so it's a bit of old news, but we
link it because we really like the fact that, more and more, you
see the term "Ol' Roy" popping up in stories
about UNC.
Dadgum it, that just warms our heart. Makes us want to run straight to
Allen Field House and have a good cry.

The Fayetteville paper has ACC previews up. Included:

Team capsules:

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