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An Important Note On DBR & Spam

Spam, to our disgust, is so thoroughly overrunning our inbox that we are increasingly missing important mail. We are using various ways to fight back, including Mindspring/Earthlink's spam fighter tool, which caught almost 600 recent spams - but missed about 10 times as many.

If you want to write us, please use the headers on the Write Us! page linked off the main page. Those filter into a separate mailbox, and we always read that stuff first.

It's amazing, isn't it? A huge innovation like the Web is slowly, inexorably, being strangled by people who want to sell you porn, miracle cures, or enhanced genitalia. Something has got to be done. And we are very upset that Congress essentially legalized it. The only people happy about this are the spammers, who get to see tougher state laws nullified by the spineless legislators in Washington.