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Phil Henderson In Trouble

There's sad news about Phil Henderson, who was briefly jailed for not paying child support. Henderson told the judge that he had lost money on basketball camps and had nothing with which to pay his ex-wife.

The judge told him that he made the baby and had to support it. It goes without saying that he's right.

The judge had sentenced Henderson to 30 days in jail, but his ex forgave the 11,000 in debt, a relative paid his attorney, and Henderson was released. He says he plans to move to Trinidad.

Phil has had an up-and-down quality to his life - National Honor Society member in High School, a McDonald's All-American, a legendary, highly macho dunk over Alonzo Mourning (we broke our couch on that one), getting into academic trouble at Duke, trying to transfer before his senior season, calling his teammates babies during the ACC Tournament (Coach K said he was right), and a lot of other things, including this latest imbroglio.

We really hope Phil straightens his life out, but we will be dismayed if he moves to Trinidad and, beyond the laws of the U.S., and continues to not support his daughter at least financially.

At the heart of all this is a child, and one who is going to feel a tremendous loss. The financial loss is really secondary to the bond with her father. He's a grown man and has the right to live his life however he pleases, but there are consequences to one's actions, and in this case, it's a living, breathing little girl. He's had a lot of opportunities to make good decisions and to build a great life. Let's hope he makes the right one here. Be there for your little girl, Phil.