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Duke Falls To Vols

Duke gave Tennessee a tussle, and were as close as 9-6 in the fourth quarter before UT caught fire and won 23-6.'Tennessee partisans were not impressed with their team, but for Duke, look at the turnaround: after a feckless performance against Wake Forest, Duke took N.C. State to the last play of the game and went into the fourth quarter with an SEC power with a chance to steal the game. True, they are still making too many mistakes, but something good, finally, seems to be happening with Duke football,and while the players ultimately get the credit, the same players were not getting the job done a few weeks ago. Only one thing has changed, and it seems to be a really good change: Ted Roof is coaching. Moreover, he is building an argument for keeping the job. Winning games is the goal, but radical improvement is a compelling argument.