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ACC Roundup

Three ACC games to report on from Tuesday night - Tech vs.
La-Lafayette, UVa against Coaches vs. Cancer All-Stars, and Maryland vs.
the Roanoke Dazzle.

win was easy,
and no great surprise there. It should have been.
It might not have been so bad (79-45) had Lafayette not suspended five players
for academic issues, including almost-Yellow Jacket Michael Southall.
Now there's a guy who's really screwed up: he blew a chance at Kentucky, then a
second chance at Tech, and isn't setting the world on fire at
La-Lafayette. Geez.

In Charlottesville,
UVa blew a 17 point second-half lead
before Todd Billet hit a dramatic three
pointer to clinch a 1-point victory over Coaches vs. Cancer All-Stars.

Now check this out: Derrick Byars shot 91-2, Elton Brown had a
double-double with 20 points and 10 boards, and Donte Minter had 18 points and 8
boards. They outrebounded CVC 47-24. So how did they tank?
Poor shooting, for one: After a 70% first half, UVa only made 38.2% for the
second. Couple that with turnovers (17 for UVa, 8 for CVC), and you can
see how it would happen.

Still, it must be disconcerting for Virginia fans, not to mention Pete

And now on to the Terps, who
got waxed by the Roanoke Dazzle.

Apparently it just wasn't a good night for the Terps, starting when Jamar
Smith and Travis Garrison were benched for showing up late to a team meeting.

According to Barry Svrluga of the Post, while Maryland defended competently,
they couldn't get the ball inside. Will Bowers, the 7-1 frosh, scored
three points - on a three pointer. Yuck.

Still, you have to give Maryland credit for scheduling a game which was no
sure thing. Unlike some people - Herb Sendek springs to mind - who prefer to
schedule the Kashmir One-Legged All-Stars - Maryland took a game which would
push them, so kudos to them for trying it.

In Winston-Salem, Skip Prosser wants the Deacs to focus
on getting Eric Williams the ball
down low, where he can use his huge body
to batter the opponents. Chris Paul is key to this notion. Here's another link.

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