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Several Recruiting Notes

Thad "The Mummy" Mumau has an article up on ACC recruiting,
where Duke
and UNC once again lead the way. Duke got Shaun
DeMarcus Nelson, and Dave McClure, for a pretty solid class.

But it's been a good year all the way around. We'll be interested
in seeing Tech's signee Jeremis Smith, who, at 6-5, has been taking out big men
left and right.

Also worth mentioning: Clemson got a commitment for the 2005 class when
highly regarded Joey Cameron picked the Tigers.

We're not UNC fans of course, but we certainly understand dreaming, and for
JamesOn Curry, his
dream came true when he signed his letter of intent with UNC.
Like JJ
Redick and Daniel Ewing, Curry has the rare chance of playing for his dream
school. We think that's great, and we wish him luck in his career at UNC.