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The Chapel Hill Hamlet's Endless Song Of Woe

Is anyone else getting sick of hearing Roy Williams moon
over his lost Kansas paradise?
This is getting ridiculous: he tells the L.A.
Times (registration required) that after Nick Collison came to him at a
ceremony, having learned to tie his own tie finally, after being helped by
Williams previously - "Hey, Coach, I did it myself this time." -
Williams got overly emotional and went looking for a pay phone to call Dick
Baddour to tell him to forget it.

Good thing Collison already knew how to tie his shoes and use toilet paper;
Williams might have coached at Kansas until he was 90 if he had taught him to
master those skills.

Now, after constantly panicking over UNC's woes over the last few years, and
saying "Ol' Roy ain't that good," meaning good enough to zoom UNC
right back to elite status, and then having this line - "Rightly or
wrongly, I made [the decision to take the UNC job], so it's got to be right.
We're going to go straight ahead. Just let it go."

Oh, please. Keep in mind that he's since said one of the main reasons
he left was because he didn't much care for the Kansas athletic director.

If you love Kansas that much, ask Bill Self for a job and take the pay cut
and go back. Otherwise, it'd be nice if he would a) quit complaining about
what a hard job he has to do to restore UNC's aura; b) quit going on and on
about how emotional the decision was, and c) just shut the hell up and be a
great coach.

This Chapel Hill Hamlet routine is getting really old, particularly since
he's making a King's Ransom for disturbing his tender sensibilities. If
he's really that torn up, he could donate the better part of his salary to KU
athletics. No? Didn't think so.

He is right about one thing: remember his
"I-don't-give-a-shit-about-North-Carolina" rant on TV? Ol' Roy
says "You know, my guess is, I'll hear about it in Durham. That would be my

Speaking of Ol' Roy,
Dick Baddour has some comments,
including some small updates on Matt
Doherty. And
here's a more substantial one.