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ACC Roundup!

The N&O has two articles up about Tech's season, with the first focusing
on Tech's
lack of size and surplus of quicks,
and the second
a general preview.

a little update on Pete Gillen,
and his somewhat tenuous position at UVa.
This season is pretty critical to his long-term success, the writer argues, and
that's hard to contest.

Speaking of Gillen, The Post has an article up on ACC expansion, with some
fairly biting quotes from Jay Bilas. The main supporter in this article is Pete
Gillen, who sees it as a way to get more teams in the tournament.
Here's an even harsher take.

By the way, Primary Partners sounds like a euphemism, but we can't quite put
a finger on what it would be a euphemism for - at least not something we're
going to print here.

Here are some brief notes (that's what you usually get for basketball in
Tallahassee) on FSU's
game tonight against Nike.
The only team Nike has beaten? Miami.
Even Vandy blew their Commodores off.

Wow, we didn't realize this: Coach
K is the only current ACC coach
to have a title? That's fairly amazing.

Former Clemson assistant Matt Driscoll has landed on his feet at Baylor,
which means he's got a lot on his plate. Here's
a bit of news about that.