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New Virus Warning!

There is a virus going around that is attempting to steal credit
card information. It claims to be from, with the subject

The body of the message is:

We regret to inform you that your account is about to be
expired in next five business days. To avoid suspension of
your account you have to reactivate it by providing us with
your personal information.

To update your personal profile and continue using PayPal
services you have to run the attached application to this
email. Just run it and follow the instructions.

IMPORTANT! If you ignore this alert, your account will be
suspended in next five business days and you will not be
able to use PayPal anymore.

The attachment is an executable that will ask for personal information.
This information is later emailed to several pre-determined addresses.

Here is the Symantec virus page.

Please do not enter your credit card information on an unsecure site.