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Assorted Women's News

Wrapping up preseason predictions and such, Alana Beard got all sorts of
honors: as a top-5 guard, an
AP All-American, (for the third straight year, and a
unanimous choice), and an All-American. Duke's official website also has a
preview of the sophomore class and freshman class.

Coach G weighed in on Duke's newest recruiting class. She talked about Chante'
Black's shot-blocking & speed, Laura Kurz's shooting & versatility, and
Wanisha Smith's strength & floor vision. Chante' had a few comments about her commitment. You can
follow the senior seasons of Kurz, Smith, and Black.
Duke is most likely done for the recruiting year, though there's a chance
that they make take another player in the spring. For the most part,
however, the program is looking towards the junior class. The biggest
name is Marissa Coleman, who visited Duke in November and was named to USA
Today's Super 25, along with Black & Smith.
Duke's recruiting class was ranked a consensus #4 in the country by recruiting
gurus Mike Flynn & Bret McCormick.

Finally, for those of you who may have wondered what former Duke great
Kira Orr has been up to, Barry Uhrman passed on a tip that she was named
head coach of her former high school, Bullis.
Kira was a program-making recruit for Coach G at a time when she
desperately needed good players. The success she brought to Duke (three
straight NCAA appearances for the first time ever, back-to-back
appearances in the ACC title game for the first time ever, and her
"Kardiac Kira" moments as a clutch shooter) helped reel in players like
Hibby Howard and transfer Michele Van Gorp & Nicole Erickson, and their
run to the national title game in 1999 helped bring in Alana Beard & Iciss