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ACC Roundup!

Wake Forest 0-0 1-0
Clemson 0-0 0-0
Duke 0-0 0-0
Florida State 0-0 0-0
Georgia Tech 0-0 0-0
Maryland 0-0 0-0
NC State 0-0 0-0
North Carolina 0-0 0-0
Virginia 0-0 0-0
Boston College 0-0
Miami 0-0
Virginia Tech 0-0

In Thursday night ACC news, Wake Forest kicked off the season with a nice win
over Memphis, 85-76. Taron Downey, who really wanted to play after an
appendectomy, made it and starred, scoring 20 and hitting some key shots.
Rookie Chris Paul had a nice debut as well. Unfortunately for Wake, Eric
Williams picked up four fouls, which can't be reassuring.

You have to say this for Wake Forest: their guards - Downey, Justin Gray and
Paul - are all three amazingly gutty kids.

In Chapel Hill, UNC played the Nike team the day after Duke did and had
almost precisely the same score, winning 104-72 (Duke won 105-69). UNC
jumped them at the start, shooting out to a 17-2 lead, but Nike came back behind
a 27-9 run. It was ultimately futile as UNC won, but the comeback
underscores our comments about UNC's depth. Unless you're Bobby Cremins,
most people don't want to play six guys for the entire game. You can get
away with it against Nike, but when it's an ACC team (take your pick), it's not
going to work.

In the weird news dept, Nike coach Bill Frieder was ejected with two
technicals in the first half. You just don't expect that in an exhibition

In Tallahassee, Andrew Wilson, who came in with a rep as a shooter but who
has been nothing if not injury-plagued,
is starting some light practice work.