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Abe Lemons Dies

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We were really sorry to hear Abe
Lemons died.
He was a major blast for college basketball.

Most of his glory days came in the late 60s and early 70s, and he was out of
that glorious, rebellious Southwest tradition of run and gun. It
influenced guys like Nolan Richardson, among others, and had a huge influence on
JUCO basketball (and by extension D-1).

But the greatest thing about him was his sense of humor. One year when
his team had struggled but turned it around late, his coaches show started off
with a coffin and somber music...and then Lemons popped the top and said,
"we ain't dead yet!" It was classic.

With Lemons, Al McGuire, and Jim Valvano gone, the game has really lost some
of its soul.